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We Innovative Hydroponics Pvt. Ltd. are global provider of vertical garden and green walls tailored to fit all green wall needs.

You can have a beautiful and thriving vertical garden according to your designs and locations. Whether you’re a homeowner or commercial property developer, we have almost all living wall solution to fit your needs.

Our  Product

Green Pouch Wall

Steel Screen Wall

Interior Hybrid Nest Wall

Exterior Hybrid Nest Wall

It utilizes a variety of 4″ to 6″ pouched plants and is ideal for interior projects
This system uses a Steel Mounted Hanger Screen of 4x2 sqft.
Well mixed Hybrid for exterior walls where durability and customization are needed.
 Ideal for large area coverage, in an exterior application provided with specialized Foggers System.

The Design Method

We provide all-inclusive green wall package to support you from start to finish. Offering a peace of mind in each stage.

Years of expertise and knowledge has allowed us to develop proven processes that guarantee a healthy green wall. Together with our network we are making green walls accessible throughout the world.

Take your love for gardening to a new height with Innovative Green Wall Systems.