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Custom Interior and Exterior Green Wall Solutions:


You can have a beautiful and thriving Innovative Green Walls according to your designs and locations. Walls for homeowner or commercial property developer. We have almost all living wall solution to fit your needs.

Green Pouch Wall

The pouch Wall utilizes a variety of 4″ to 6″ pouched plants and is ideal for interior projects

Steel Screen Wall

This system uses a Steel Mounted Hanger Screen of 4x2 sqft.

Interior Hybrid Nest Wall

Well mixed Hybrid for exterior walls where durability and customization are needed.

Exterior Hybrid Nest Wall

 Aeroponics Wall deal for large area coverage. An exterior application provided with specialized Foggers System.

Our Vision


First Vision is to see “SELF-SUFFICIENCY”. In basic vegetables, culinary & medicinal herbs, flowers, fruits, food & ornamental plants. Available all homes & urban communities around the world.


Second Vision is to see “HAPPY & ENVIRONMENT- FRIENDLY FAMILY LIFE” in all homes. Also in residential communities, clubs, resorts and urban communities around the world.


Third Vision is to see “Environment-Friendly Recycling Projects” using various kinds of pre and post harvest waste materials generated by horticultural industries. Also including homes, plantations, orchards and food processing industries.

Pre-built Interior Green Walls

Simple to install and easy to care for with our pre-built units which have been developed to allow Innovative Green Walls installations in small office , residential or retail applications. Create a splash of color in a room or put several units together for a more dramatic effect.

    Smart Wall

 Modular and pre-built, free standing green wall, which is easy to setup and maintain.

Wall Kit

Wall mounted and pre-built green wall for the DIY enthusiast or for professional interiorscapers.

Wine Crate

Wine Crate is perfect for the countertop or for wall-mounting.

Square Frame

 It spruces up any   wall  space with a burst of nature   from 9 pouched plants.

Tall Frame

 Tall Frame with a 10 pouch planter which is a great decorative addition to any wall column.

Picture Frame

Living work of art using the Innovative Picture Frame with up to 18 pouch plants.

“ Don’t panic, it’s all Organic”